More than just GPS tracking system

Manage your fleet
easily and clearly
Tariff All inclusive - from 2 990 CZK / year!
Included in the price: GPS locator, installation, LTE SIM, server
What can Royfis do?
Simple overview of costs on cars
Car location monitoring
Monitoring service intervals
Engine blocking

Who needs Royfis GPS monitoring of vehicles?

Car rental companies, fleets of cars or construction vehicles, agricultural machinery
Synchronization with banks and automatic classification of costs for cars
No longer need their expenditure and revenue to manually enter everything will be forwarded automatically to the system after making a payment, Royfis supports most Czech banks
What about safety?
Safety data as well as in the bank, everything is encrypted at the highest level
Pro uložení Vašich dát používáme Advanced Encryption Standard s individulnim maximale velikým šifrovacím klíčem na 256 bitů.
Secured data transmission technology SSL with signature algorithm SHA256.
Z uloženými data v vašem účtu Vás spojuje pouze email který můžete mít jakýkoliv, nevyžadujeme údaje o Vaše identitě
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